Gwendolyn Speaks!

Gwendolyn  Speaks!

Leveraging her experience gained in global manufacturing companies and consulting with RIX International, Gwendolyn J. Tucker speaks on a variety of topics. 

Her most popular?

  1. DEI & The Bottom Line
  2. Zap The Gender Pay Gap
  3. Erasing ISMs
  4. Creating Leaders Who Lead


Let's Zap The Gender Pay Gap

There's an elephant in the room.  The elephant's name?  The Gender Pay Gap.

Women in the workplace consistently earn less than men.  On average, women ear 82 cents for every dollar men earn. 

This elephant is eating a women's lunch, literally. 

It's time to put this elephant on a diet.  What say you?

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Erasing ISMs

Bias, both conscious and unconscious, blinds us to what others bring to the table. 

They parade around as sexism, racism, ableism, and so many more isms

In the workplace, these isms are detrimental to success - to the individual, the team and the organization.

It's time to dismantle the effects of bias, both obvious and insidious.  

Let me show you how.

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Creating Leaders Who Lead 

There's an old adage which asks this question:  Are leaders born or are they made?

A wise person replied, "Of course they are born; and then they are made!"

All too often, ill-equipped leaders cause havoc in the workplace, scaring those they lead.

What if we acted as if leaders were born to be made leaders who lead?

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