My name is Gwendolyn J. Tucker.  My mission in life is to leave each person and place better than I found them.  I do that in several ways.  Please check out more below.

Zap The Gender Pay Gap Podcast

I created the Podcast Series to alert women in the workplace to the elephant in the room that's eating their lunch, literally.

Zap YOUR Gender Pay Gap

Since women work hard for our money, we might as well take home all of it.  I created this Coaching Program to show women how to close their gender pay gap.

Pathway to $100K

Did you know that less than 8% of women in the workplace earn $100K base pay?  This Coaching Program will show you how to create your Pathway to $100K Base Pay!

Zap The Gender Pay Gap Podcast Series

In this Podcast Series I pull the cover off the elephant in the room.  The elephant's name?  The Gender Pay Gap!

Discover some alarming facts about this elephant that is literally eating the lunch of women in the workplace.  The result?  Women consistently earn less than men.  earning 82 cents for every $1 men earn. 

I think it's time we put this elephant on a diet.  I'd love to show you how!

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Let's Zap YOUR Gender Pay Gap!

What if you could have more money than month?  What could a 10% raise do for your budget?

What if you could learn how to close your gender pay gap, not only for your current position but for each successive position?

I created the Zap Your Gender Pay Gap Coaching Program to show you how.

Want to get a head start?  Download my ebook below!

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